Tse Si Ani (Lupton) Chapter


Our Story

Lupton, Arizona has been inhabited on intermittent basis for over two Centuries. It has been known as a travel and trade center since that time. Prior to Fort Sumner, New Mexico, it was a central point of departure for military expeditions and for supply routes.

Tse Si Ani Chapter is bounded on the east by the state of New Mexico, on the south, by a boundary established some miles north of Jones Ranch, and on the west by Allentown “Indian” stores. The northern border has always been in dispute, but is generally accepted to be the south rim of Black Creek Canyon.

In the Navajo language, Lupton is know as Tse Si Ani (Setting Rock) and Tsedijooli (Round Rock). There are spectacular sandstone cliffs that encompass the ‘Helena ‘Canyon, which meets the deep arroyos of the Rio Puerco.

During the Fort Sumner days, most Navajos left the Tse Si Ani area and it was a long time before anyone (Navajos) resettled the area permanently (Elder: 1982, p.i.d.) There are many clans represented in Lupton. Among them are: Dibe lizhin (Black Sheep), Tahbaaha (Edgewater), Toh’aheedliinii (At the crossing of the River) and Toh tsohnii (Big Water) people.

The trading posts at Tse Si Ani were first established during the decade following the return from Fort Sumner. The First trader in Lupton was G.W. Lupton who named his store for himself. Eventually, the English name for the area was coined fro this individual. The trading posts were popular and by 1905, had a clientele from as far away as Oak Spring, Manuelito, and had cut into the profitable business of J.D. Houck to the west. Ortega’s and Three Hogan, Lupton’s successors, followed in benefit with a lucrative trade with the Navajos and others traveling through the community. A Navajo family of the same name assumed the Shirley’s Trading Post, the only one of which is still in operation. 


Alvin Blackgoat, Chapter President

Freddie J. Nelson, Vice President

Regan R. Hawthorne, Secretary/Treasurer

Randall Comb, Grazing Official

Raymond Smith, Jr. Council Delegate


Laura Lee Yazzie, Chapter Manager 

Latishia Tabaha, Administrative Assistant

Pauline Begay, Office Assistant

Caroline Hawthorne, Postal Clerk

Marie Begay, CHR

CLUP Members

Randall Comb, Chairperson

Jackie Yazzie, Jr., Vice Chairperson

Valerie Baker, Secretary